If you’re into videography, this video is all about the best videography apps for iPhone, as I take you through the list of my favourite apps to film and edit with. Watch my video on the ‘Best iPhone Videography Apps’ video, to find out more about the best apps to enhance your filming and editing on the iPhone.

Watch ‘Best iPhone Videography Apps’ Video:

In this video, I discuss which apps are the best to get better results when filming and editing on iPhones.

Best iPhone Videography Apps


What are the best videography apps for iPhone?


– First up on the list is ‘Filmic Pro‘, which is a pro video camera app, which you give you more professional tools than your default camera.

– Next up is ‘iMovie‘, which is my favourite editing app, it’s very powerful and easy to use.

– A great colour grading app is ‘Movie Looks‘ by Red Giant; it has an extensive amount of choices when it comes to professional looks for your footage.

– If you’re not satisfied with Movie Looks, then another useful colour grading app is ‘Video Grade‘, which is a fully featured colour grading tool for your iPhone.

– ‘Timelapse Studio‘ is a time-lapse app for the iPhone, which makes taking time-lapses very simple.

– ‘Word Swag‘ allows you to quickly design amazing text designs.

– Last but not least is ‘Intro Designer‘, which is an app for creating motion graphics on your iPhone, and with so many templates to choose from, you will definitely find something that will suit your needs.


So, why not try out some of these apps on the iPhone for yourself? Test them out and see what a difference they make to your iPhone videography.

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