Not confident on camera? You Need a Professional Web Video Presenter for Your Video!

Using a white screen studio setup and a professional presenter, my high quality presentations videos are a great way to:

  • Promote your business
  • Promote your product or your service
  • Explain your business’ benefits
  • Add an extra touch of quality to your videos
  • Position your company as an expert

Presenter – Fintech Video

Presenter – Fund Raising 

Web Video Presenter YouTube 

This web video presenter video was created for Lend Loan Invest using a green screen studio setup. Annelies (the presenter) is my wife who also happens to be a great copywriter. Between us we came up with the script. Notice how we talk about “what the company can do for the potential customer”. Most companies go on about themselves too much. Remember benefits, benefits, benefits and the magic word is ‘you!’

Adding some presented sections to your video can help to get your message across in a concise way, whilst adding an extra touch of professionalism to your video. That’s what we did with this fund raising video for Fintech company LendLoanInvest. Annelies can lend her presenter talents to your video should her style fit your taste. She’s also available to do professional voice over work and you’ll hear her voice on many of the examples in this website. 

YouTube is great place to pick up natural traffic while positioning yourself or your brand as a trusted authority. In this example Annelies is presenting one of our YouTube video offering tips on Affiliate Marketing. We release regular ‘how to’ videos and our channel is now receiving over 10,000 views a month. We can help you acheive the same results. Get in contact to let us know what you need and for a quote. 

“In the morning I emailed a very short requirement brief to Ben. By that same evening I had an excellent finished web presenter video posted on our website complete with music! Highly recommended!”

Sally Johnson

Company Secretary, Lend loan Invest

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