If you’re looking for an iPhone video editing app, look no further then iMovie on iOS, which is my favourite app to edit with. For more information on iMovie, watch my ‘Best iPhone Video Editing App’ video, which is all about how iMovie works, it’s features (movie or trailer editing functions), as well as it’s multi-channel editing functions, etc…

Watch ‘Best iPhone Videography Apps’ Video:

In this video, I discuss the video editing app ‘iMovie’ on iOS, and it’s many features.

Best iPhone Video Editing App


Some of iMovie’s features:

– You can either edit in the apps ‘Movie’ or ‘Trailer’ function:
In the ‘trailer’ feature, you can edit Hollywood style trailers with a storyboard style interface; and in the ‘Movie’ feature, you will be given a timeline editor.

– The main reason this is a go to editing app for me, is because of it’s multi-channel video and multi-channel audio feature; which allows you to insert stunning broll shots into your videos.

– You can colour grade, add titles, speed clips up or slow them down; so you have full control to edit really professional looking videos.


So, why not try iMovie for yourself? It’s definitely my number one go to editing app for creating professional looking videos.

If you want to find out more, then Click Here! to watch the video.

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