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Like you, I'm a musician based in Brighton. Like you, I've been in a band and I know the difference a good music video can make. Are you looking for high quality Music Video Production services to suit your budget?

Producing a high quality music video production is a tricky business. You need thousands of pounds worth of equipment, a good camera & lenses, technical lighting, a really high spec specialised computer and programs, lots of technical knowledge and not to mention talent. Luckily as a music video producer, I have all that! When it comes to music video production I do my best to make your video the best I possibly can for the budget! Music Video Production is all about showing the world (not just your home town of Brighton) what you as an artist are about.

 Apart from entertaining the viewer for three minutes or so, a well produced music video should also show off your look and your performing skills. As well as converting the public into fans, a brilliant music video can get you better gigs, convince radio pluggers to jump on board and generally make you look like a music pro and a star.

If you’re after a high quality music video production in or around Brighton or the South East, take a look at my packages Local Hero, National Treasure, Superstar, EPK’s, Live Music & Live Sessions examples and prices below.

Check out my recent music videos…

Republica – New York

Niro Knox – I Don’t Care

Wow wow wow. It’s incredible, it’s a masterpiece. Thank you so much, I’m absolutely blown away!
Saffron – Republica Lead Singer
Absolutely love the video!!  You’ve all done a top job.
It’s fantastic.  Thank you so much for all your hard work. ‘Blade Runner on steroids!’
Howard – Manager
Hellfire! That is absolutely bloody brilliant… Kinda speechless right now
Giles – Armalyte Industries (Label)

Check out some Music Video Production Examples

Soulshaker / Ben & Annelies

Feels Like Summer

Featuring high fashion styling and make-up by the Canadian stylist Renee Beach (The Cult, Guns ‘n Roses) and opulent locations such as the Brighton Pavilion, Living the Dream really packs a punch. This video was shot in various Brighton locations over four days and includes narrative as well as performance shots. The middle 8 of the song switches feel, so I went with it and switched styles too. The result is a high end, colour-graded video that made it onto VEVO with 74000 views in its first week!

Music Video – Republica

Christiana Obey
Republica are back! And it was an honour to be asked to provide my music video production skills for their comeback video for the new single (and title track of their EP) Christiana Obey. Shot in several locations including a martial arts dojo, quirky nightclub and a local live music venue, this video has a really stylistic look echoing the song and band’s vibe perfectly. Featuring the martial art Wing Chun Master Anton Van Thomas on the wooden man, a routine involving the first 3 forms of Win Chun this video has some really unique scenes which are full of style & grace.

Studio Music Video Kovak

Swing Song

This slick studio based music video was produced for Kovak to raise awarness of their album launch. We made clever use of studio lighting as props along with heavy backlighting effects and silouettes to give a really distinct and fresh style. With motion elements, lens flairs, glitch effects and graphics overlayed the comlex edit on this video really adds to the impact of the overall effect. Check out the Superstar pack further down the page if you’re interested in getting video like this for your band.

Music Video – Kovak

Living The Dream

Featuring high fashion styling and make-up by the Canadian stylist Renee Beach (The Cult, Guns ‘n Roses) and opulent locations such as the Brighton Pavilion, Living the Dream really packs a punch. This video was shot in various Brighton locations over four days and includes narrative as well as performance shots. The middle 8 of the song switches feel, so I went with it and switched styles too. The result is a high end, colour-graded video that made it onto VEVO with 74000 views in its first week!

Narrative Video – Yennis 

Swallows Me Whole

Yennis Cheung and the guys over at Audiofreaks commonissioned us to make a dark and gritty music video based around a narratuve theme. The final treatment ended up as a mixture of two ideas we brought to the table that were murged into one. Shot in multiple locations but with a very small crew this very high end looking music video is a great example of our Superstar Package. See the prices table for a ballpark price.

“I have been fortunate to work with many world class video, TV, corporate and movie producers over the years, but I can honestly say Ben Simon, is amongst the very very best I have ever worked with on every single level. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”


Actress, (Skyfall, Somebody to Love & Shanghai)

“Ben was so creative, full of ideas and positive to work with on Republica’s new video. He was instrumental in having a vision for the video and in all aspects of the filming, including theme, location, storyboarding, sourcing locations and the correct camera and film equipment. He was very professional and easy to work with and all the team at Media Brighton were great fun to be around. The whole band thoroughly enjoyed the experience and are really delighted with the final results! Within 24 hours of going up on YouTube our video had received over 2500 views! Fantastic! I would highly recommend Ben and Media Brighton to anyone & we are looking forward to working with them again soon on our next music video production.”


Lead Singer, Republica

More Music Video Production Examples

Music Video  – Kovak


This is a slow, epic song, so I shot the video 20% faster and slowed it down in post production to work with that vibe. The creative concept for the verses in this video were based around walking down a street with interesting things happening along the way. I also had the idea of creating the ‘night-for-day’ effect in post production and adding in motion-tracked lens flares for car lights to sell the effect. With CGI rain and lens spots added in After Effects, it’s a captivating scene. For the bridge and choruses we shot in a woodland in mid winter! Using disco lighting and a smoke machine, as well as black & white with blue flare colour grading added in post, it’s a classy result that really suits the song’s mood.

Music Video – Danny Boy Wild

Dirty Day

Dirty day is basically a performance video with a twist. The Twist being Holly, the model who appears in videos. I came up with the creative idea to have a girl watch the TV and the guys being on the screen. We then fly into the screen and the girl gets into the music and ends up dancing. With the use of lots of backlighting in the band shots I was able to acheive and nice look to the performance shots, giving them depth and style. With a fast paced edit & lots of camera movement this video keeps your interest till end. Hopefully :)!

“I have engaged Ben Simon and Media Brighton now on a number of projects, ranging from full music videos through to EPK’s and have found the service to be consistently excellent. Ben has an exceptional creative vision and ability to work quickly both to client specification and by suggesting new and exciting possibilities.”

Andy Hollis

Artist Manager, 74 Management

Budget Music Video – The Sea

Get Up, Stand Up, Die
Low budget can still mean high quality and this great value music video production is the perfect example of that. Shot in one location with good lighting and based mainly around the band’s explosive live performance, this type of video would suit most unsigned bands on a tight budget. Gave me a call if you would like a video like this for your band.

The Boy Who Kicked Pigs 


For this performance based video we added some little touches and other creative scenes to spice things up a bit.
Along with some slow motion scenes with falling features, this video is a great compliment to Karl excellent rendition of this classic song.

Josh Beer – Music Video

Girl Behind The Bar

A great way to get a good venue for a low budget performance music video is to hire a rehearsal studio. That’s what we did for Josh Beer’s Girl Behind The Bar music video. Of course we have to bring really cool lighting to make all the shots really pop!

Music Video – Audiohoarder

Death By Stereo
This music video production is a great example of the quality that can still be achieved on a lower budget. Shot in just 6 hours, I made clever use of lighting and guerrilla-style, natural light location shooting to achieve a gritty, cool vibe. The footage of Chris (AKA Corrosion MC) was set up with one hard light casting really hard shadows, instantly giving it a stylistic look. The blue flares were added in post production, together with colour grading to pull it all together.

The Boy Who Kicked Pigs 

The Christmas Song

This video was shot very quickly and on a very tight budget and is a great example of what’s possible. We found some nice locations around Brighton during christmas and just went for it. If you’re looking for something like this for you band get in touch.

Baron Volt Hazard


What do you do if you’re 70 years old and you don’t have a band to back you up? Get 3 excellent dancers to choreograph a dance and perform it around you! Well that’s exactly what we did. The lighting in this video plays an important role to make the visuals super stunning. I got creative in the edit adding overlay effects to make some really nice artist visuals. 

“Ben has a great eye and thinks quickly on his feet, along with a fantastic music video & 3 great live videos of my band he’s also taken fantastic photos – a respectful, creative and talented person to know.”
Karl Bray

guitarist & songwriter, Kovak

“Working with Ben Simon was such a pleasure, we’ve done quite few video shoots in the past but never met anyone that really understood what we wanted to achieve before we met Ben. Ben is professional, quick and extremely artistic – I can’t recommend him enough! And the finished result speaks for itself…awesome!”
Peter D’Chisholme

Singer, guitarist and songwriter, The Sea

EPK – Electronic Press Kit (music video production):

Band Electronic Press Kit


As well as music video production I offer professional Electronic Press Kits which are an excellent promotional tool. EPK’s are an essential way to get your message across in one concise hit. Showcase the personalities in your band as well as any videos, big gigs and press you have amassed over the years. These mini rockumentaries are the best way to get a record company on your side and getting you one step closer to that dream record deal!

Cover Band (EPK)

JS2 Duo

JS2 duo offer a range of musical styles including jazz, acoustic pop tunes and party anthems. The challenge was to explain in a professional looking short video their offering and how a potential client would benefit from booking them. I suggested we produce a series of short song clips from a gig and a few studio sessions and edit it over an interview containing the key points. The result is this slick function band EPK. Watch the testimonial to see how happy they were with the results.

“Working with Ben on this music video production was a great experience. He took time to understand our requirements and was meticulous in planning the shoot. On the day of the shoot he remained focused and professional at all times. We had a fun day and the final results were fabulous.”

Apple Beam Studios

Live Music Video Production Brighton – Check Out My Latest Work Below:

Live Event – Republica

Republica Live @ the Garage

Republica asked if I could do some coverage of their new come-back tour. I shot this on 4 cameras, took a feed off the sound desk and added in an ambient stereo mic to add a bit of room atmosphere. They were really happy with the results.

Live Event  – Kovak

Living The Dream (Live @ Shakedown)

For this live gig shoot at Shakedown festival I used a multi-camera set up. Using a mixture of action cameras on tripods and my hand-held DSLR, I achieved a pretty high budget look at a very reasonable budget.

Live Music Video – Kovak

Catchy Monkey (Live @ Casablanca)

This video was shot live on one camera and then pieced together cleverly to give the feeling of a multi-camera production. I used my 50mm 1.8 lens for the low light situation and to give it a shallow depth of field. Some parts were shot at 60fps and then slowed down in post production to achieve the super slow motion effect.

Live Sessions – Lusas & King

Black & White Cat @ Brighton Electric

A great way to show off your look & sound is with a live sessions video. This was recorded live at Brighton Electric and mixed in my home studio. The video was recorded live with extra shots added to make it feel like there were many cameras shooting at once. Finished off nicely with some colour grading.

Acoustic Live Music Sessions 

Sia Chandelier (Live Acoustic Cover)

A great way to promote yourself is by doing simple live session covers. People are searching for your favourite artists so by covering them you have a chance to be found by their fans and build an audience of your own. For this video we recorded both audio and video. Keeping it simple was intentional to really show off the live nature of the performance.

Live Concert Video Production

Live @ The Old Market Brighton

 Live performance video using multi-cameras.

“I found the experience of making my music video with Ben Simon very easy he was always willing to listen to what I wanted, and the end result was just great. I would recommend Media Brighton to anyone who wants a music video.”

Barry Willison

AKA Baron Volt Hazard

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