Other services

Whether it's video testimonials, scriptwriting, bespoke music or a professional presenter you need, I have it covered!

Bespoke Music

Any good video has good music. Luckily I can write it for you to your exact specifications, all from the comfort of my home studio. This means you can be totally original and avoid spreading your project over lots of different companies. I’m currently working on an album, you can check it out below:


Scriptwriting differs from copywriting in that it needs to be much more concise. Done the right way with my in-house writer, the words in your video will:

  • Help you get your message across in the most effective way
  • Be snappy and entertain, rather than bore the viewer
  • Be persuasive to help sell your product or service
  • Be void of common scripting mistakes
  • Be written from a marketing point of view (where applicable)


A bit camera shy? Don’t worry, my in-house presenter Annelies can adopt many guises and tones of voice to suit your company. From high energy extreme sports videos to super-slick corporate vids, adding her to your production will:

  • Add class and professionalism, taking your video to the next level
  • Save time, because she works super quick
  • Give the viewer something nice to look at!

Need a quote?

If you want help creating a business profile video or a corporate video production for your website or your client’s website, click the button below to Get a Quote, or alternatively, give us a buzz on 01273 448110 or 07789 712314 or 07766 306310

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