Do You Know How To Transfer GoPro Video To iPhone?

In this brief video,  I go over some interesting tips & tricks I discovered while connecting my Gopro to my iPhone. It has all been edited using the iMovie app on the iPhone while on holiday.


Watch the Transfer GoPro Video to iPhone Video:


In this video, learn some quick tips for the next time you Transfer GoPro Video to iPhone.

Transfer GoPro Video to iPhone – Ready to Edit


Quick Tips for transferring your footage to your iPhone:

  • You can connect the GoPro to the iPhone wirelessly to check the framing.
  • It can be easier to review your shots back from the GoPro on the iphone.
  • You can also import your clips from the GoPro wirelessly to the iPhone.
  • Then you have all your footage on the iPhone ready to edit on the iMovie app.


Transfer GoPro Video to iPhone


If you want to find out more on the tips listed here, then Click Here to watch the video.


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